Glühwein owners came up with the idea of opening the single-product restaurant while celebrating Christmas in the Alps. It took them several months find the place that would better suit their desire. Architects had to create cozy interior where one would love to spend time with friends, feeling at ease. Also, all main elements of cooking food and drinks had to be available to guests and put up close to the tables so that they attract passersby in the window. In particular, copper tuns to mull true wine and grill to roast juicy sausages were desired to meet the guests.

In general, Kiev old market building that hosts the restaurant tuned the interior. Authentic classic architecture was accompanied by designer's furniture, light and other objects, as well as by calligraphic wall paintings that cite Ukrainian poetry.

Restaurant creation took about three months. On August 22, 2014, Glühwein invited its first guests.